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Hi, I'm Taylor Rae

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I am a lover of animals and all things magical with a passion to spread love and positivity around the world, because nobody deserves to be made to feel small.

I have spent my life putting myself in a box and adapting to different peoples version of 'normal', having no idea who I really was.  I would spend all my time with 'friends', only for them to drain my energy and move on...I constantly felt lost, alone & anxious about my every move.  But I thought that was just life!

Once I had my daughter, I knew I wanted more for her.  I wanted to raise her to feel empowered in herself and to do this, I needed to do it for myself.

2 years of practising self love & shadow work and my life was quickly transformed, I was finally developing some self belief!  I found me, I took the time to learn who I was and what I wanted in life; and not what others tell me!

This year, I qualified as a life coach so I could continue my work and share this miracle with other.  

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My Mission

We are so conditioned by our surroundings to be a certain way, follow a certain path...but is this what makes YOU happy?  Did you choose your life or did someone else?

We spend so much time watching the lives of others that we end up feeling stuck and take for granted the beauty in our own lives.  Happiness and contentment can be found in the everyday; you just need to know where to look for it and stay connected.

I want to help you break down those walls you have built through life and begin your journey in learning and loving who you truly are and what YOU want.

Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws; but it's important to learn how to love & appreciate every part of our being.  We all deserve to live to our full potential; to live a life of power and freedom. 


I am here to give you the tools to find out how!

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